A Little Monsanto History

Formed as a chemical company in 1901 ,in 1935 they bought the right to manufacture all PCB’s in the U.S. From then until they were banned in 1976 they produced them at two American plants. One in Illinois, the other at Anniston, Alabama. The 30,000 residents of Anniston had no idea that the millions of tons of toxic waste dumped in their creek or buried in landfills was killing them. Monsanto knew, but kept their mouths shut. Long story short – they settled with the town of Anniston  for 700 million dollars. This settlement is on top of block after block of homes Monsanto purchased in Anniston because they were too toxic to live in. They still sit empty. Monsanto is responsible for Agent Orange, a favourite of the Vietnam War. In the ’70’s they came up with Roundup. They marketed it as bio-degradable, several law suits later, they were forced to remove this claim from their packaging. Now they focus on Agribusiness. Genetically Modified is the moneymaker.  Monsanto’s push into the third world has had devastating results. Farmers can’t collect seeds to sow the following season, Monsanto seed is a one shot deal. Once they’re hooked, there only option is to buy new, expensive seeds each year. Suicide rates have sky rocketed.

Monsanto revenue is around 12 billion a year. They spend millions a year on lobbyists, and make generous contributions to both Democrat and Republican candidates.

Ponder this – At Monsanto headquarters, employees refuse any food made from GMO’s to be served in their cafeteria, due to health concerns. Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas was a lawyer for Monsanto before becoming a judge. One of his first judgements – a ruling in favour of genetically modified foods produced by the Agribusiness. Donald Rumsfeld was the CEO of a company Monsanto bought in 1985. Rumsfeld personally profited 12 million dollars. A former Monsanto lobbyist is now a special advisor to the FDA. When blame started to be placed on Monsanto for the declining bee population, they bought the only FDA approved company doing research on the bee problem.

An anti-Monsanto crop circle in the Philippines