A New Sunspot

Sunspot AR1515 has now turned away from Earth.  A new sunspot, AR1520, even larger than 1515 is turning towards Earth. A high probability of solar flares directed at our planet still exists. Most often these earth directed CME’s go completely unnoticed by the masses. Airplanes change course to avoid the solar radiation, the northern lights might be particularly spectacular, or visible at lower latitudes. Ponder this – in the event of a direct, disruptive, and certainly inconvenient hit – have you given any thought to your plans to deal with the consequences?


MANY CMEs: During the late hours of July 8th, a series of rapid-fire explosions on the sun propelled three coronal mass ejections (CMEs) into space. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded their exit:

Despite the number of eruptions and the breadth of the billowing ejecta, Earth is little affected. All of the clouds appear set to miss our planet. Nevertheless, this flurry of CMEs highlights the currently-high level of solar activity. It is only a matter of time before a significant CME comes our way. Stay tuned for stormy space weather.