Stalin’s Ape Army

In 1926 Joseph Stalin did some pondering.  Concerned about rebuilding his army, Stalin believed he’d found the perfect solution, better yet his solution killed two birds with one stone. He gave Russian scientist Illia Ivanov funding  to cross humans and apes. The plan was to create a super army with strength, endurance, and low maintenance costs of apes. Bonus – he believed he could prove Darwin’s theory of evolution once and for all and discredit creationism. Ivanov attempted to impregnate women with ape sperm. His research was carried out in French Guinea,  eventually attempting insemination of African women with Chimpanzee sperm without their knowledge. Not too popular in Guinea and out of funding, he returned to Russia where he was arrested for “having created a counter revolutionary organization among agricultural species” . Sent to a work camp in Kazakhstan, he died two years later.

"Stalin" by Nathaniel Gold

“Stalin” by Nathaniel Gold