It’s Perseid Time

Every August, Earth encounters space junk from the Swift-Tuttle Comet. The result is the Perseid meteor shower. It’s just getting started with about 10 meteors an hour. By August 12 – 13 when it reaches it’s peak, find a dark sky away from city lights to witness up to 100 meteors an hour. The best time to watch is after midnight. Scientists have dubbed this meteor shower the Perseids because the meteors streak out and away from the constellation Perseus.

This link is to National Geographic, and the photo is courtesy their site.

Stalin’s Ape Army Post Script

The most important thing when posting on my blog is to only post facts. As someone who spends a lot of time pondering, sometimes I draw conclusions. Therefore, in the spirit of truth –

There is absolutely no documentation to support that Stalin actually thought he could build an ape army.

I’ll leave the pondering of his obsession with Darwin, and what exactly his funding was being used for, up to the reader.

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