Curious About Mars?

America’s unmanned probe Curiosity landed on Mars August 5.  The level of technology used to accomplish this feat is well worth pondering. Curiosity landed in a large impact crater, at the foot of a 3 mile high mountain named Gale. The 96 mile wide crater was chosen as a landing spot because its deep depression protected it from Martian wind storms. Scientists believed it was their best chance to explore layers of Martian sediment. Curiosity’s journey from Earth took over 8 months.  At 150 metres a day, it could take up to a year for it to reach Mount Gale. As it travels along the Martian landscape, one task it will have is using its “ChemCam” , essentially a laser  aimed at rocks, vaporizing  small portions to analyse.  Maybe we can finally answer the question – was there life on Mars?

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This link is to Nasa Science, the photo is taken from their web site, and is of the Gale Crater.

It Seems We Have, A Clever Athiest

Studies on the IQ of populations,  have found something worth pondering. Atheists appear to have higher IQ’s than their religious neighbours. To be fair, many factors are involved. No one can argue, the worlds poorest people and countries, are also some of the most religious. Poor nutrition, education, and health care could certainly have something to do with the results.

Auguste Rodin<br>Le Penseur<br>© Musée Rodin - Photo : Jean de Calan

photo copyright Musee Rodin