Ponder Rex 84

In 1984, American Oliver North drafted a contingency plan to implement martial law, and contain citizens in the event of civil unrest.Rex 84 (which stood for readiness exercise) was intended to lay out a plan of action should American citizens oppose involvement in a war, or exhibit civil unrest in response to American policy. It also addressed the possible influx of non Americans from south of the border. North took inspiration from a 1970 plan by then FEMA head Louis Giuffrida, which laid out plans to detain 21 million African Americans in the event of a black uprising .


Oliver North Sold Weapons to Iran. Now He's Selling Call of Duty.

Photo from kotaku.com

Peaking Perseids

Tonight and tomorrow night the Perseid meteor shower is at its peak.An annual event as earth passes through debris from the Swift-Tuttle Comet The best time to witness this marvel is between midnight and dawn. Well worth a drive to the country, away from city lights.

.For many the night sky begins and ends with the moon. I ponder how many people know that the bright light appearing in the evening sky is not a star, but Venus, or that prior to the industrial revolution, Venus could be viewed as something almost as large as the moon. Ancient civilizations planted their crops according to the night sky. Ancient history is littered with monuments built for the sole purpose of marking a celestial year. The most famous, Stonehenge, still faithfully documents the spring and winter solstice.

Grab a lawn chair and witness the Perseid shower. Pondering our universe is nothing short of magical.

Photo from spaceweather.com