Planetary Alignment over Giza – Not So Fast.

Planetary Alignment Over Pyramids of Giza

Ponderers the world over are buzzing about this image, created by Charles Marcello using astronomy software; Starry Night Pro. Marcello claims this image illustrates how the sky will appear, an hour before sunrise Dec.3, 2012 above the pyramids at Giza. Marcello claims this hasn’t happened for 2737 years. The planets “aligned” are Mercury, Venus, and Saturn.

As much as my heart is warmed by the thought of thousands of sky gazing ponderers, not to mention the thought of people talking about something other than politics, I must pull the rug out from under this one.

There appears to be no possible way the planetary alignment warrants much pondering. They will line up, but it will be vertical,  not horizontal ,not one planet a top each pyramid as this image portrays.  The image shows the horizontal alignment to the North-West of the pyramids, when in fact a vertical alignment will take place to the South-East.

I for one would never allow an outcome like this to put an end to my fascination with the ancients understanding of our universe. The link below from BBC News, is a story explaining how one scientist thinks the Egyptians were able to line the great pyramids with the stars. Keep pondering….