Before Da Vinci there was Al Jazari

The name Leonardo Da Vinci is known worldwide. Ponder the name Al Jazari, and the remarkable things he made, long before Da Vinci was born. Until his death in 1206 , Al Jazari invented the flush toilet, robotics, crank and gear shafts, piston driven pumps for water wheels, gear shafts, and his astounding list of automatic machines for telling time, washing hands, pouring tea, or playing music. All this while Europe muddled about in the Dark Ages. Some of his water wheels are still operational, 800 years later. Before his death Al Jazari recorded his inventions in a book, it is said Da Vinci used it as inspiration.

Al-Jazari, an islamic golden age scholar
Al Jazari

Look – It’s a Moondog

Rainbows at night are not rainbows at all, they’re Moondogs. Watch for them as the moon gets full, and shines more brightly. As the nights get colder, water vapour in the air freezes as it rises forming ice crystals. When the moonlight passes through the crystals, we have a “moondog” appearing in the night sky.

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