Once in a Blue Moon….

A blue moon refers to a second full moon within a calendar month. On August 31, we will witness this event.

In 1883 after the eruption of Krakatoa, the moon actually appeared to be blue, ash from the volcano was responsible. Smoke from large forest fires can do the same thing, and was reported in 1953 during a humongous muskeg fire in Canada. Similar reports came after the eruptions of Mt. St. Helens in 1980, and Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.

” Blue moon, you saw me standing alone….. ”


A Few Thoughts on Stray Dogs

A few blocks from my house, a single city block has 3 dog “spas”. Even a hint of rain or snow and suddenly the side walks fill with embarrassed canines sporting expensive boots and slickers.  I gawk in disbelief as I spot dogs being pushed in custom carriages, or carried in expensive totes. The streets of my city resemble Paris, where dodging doggie doo is an art. Clearly North America has embraced this re marketed dog culture, a new badge of status and wealth.

Estimates put the worlds feral dog population at 600 million. In Bali alone there are half a million stray dogs, with   30,000  dog bite incidents last year. The WHO ( World Health Organization ) has issued a travel advisory for Bali, warning of the rabies problem.  Rabies kills 55,000 people a year, almost all a result of dog bites. In Baghdad of the estimated 1.25 million strays, 58,000 were destroyed in a three month period last year. Mauling by feral dogs are common and in some parts of the world, becoming a consideration for tourists selecting a destination.

In 2011 Americans spent over 50 billion dollars on their pets.

A pack of street dogs naps on a traffic island in Bucharest, Romania. In spite of a culling program, the animals swarm the streets—and occasionally maul residents and tourists. Photo courtesy of Flickr user cod_gabriel.


This Is How We Feed The Animals

It was never my intention to post on politics, however this story hit like a rubber mallet. On Tuesday at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida two delegates were expelled for tossing peanuts at an African American reporter. Many witnesses heard them say “this is how we feed the animals” Ponder that for a moment……


The future of America?