Applaud the Ingenuity of Mankind

During the Spanish Inquisition, messages were delivered to prisoners via invisible ink. Invisible ink made from human sperm was traced onto hard boiled eggs. The ink passed through the shell to the albumen, and when the egg was peeled the prisoner could read the words. Prison guards allowed visitors in with eggs, seeing no reason they were of any significance. 1915 –  the first world war, it is reported that British Intelligence MI6 experimented with invisible ink made from semen.

basket of eggs

Wrap Your Head Around the World Grid

We think of modern society as far superior, and certainly more advanced than ancient ones. Before settling in with the remote, give this a ponder….

In the 4th century BC, Greek philosopher Plato taught that the world was comprised of geometric shapes. He wrote about a “world soul” teaching that earth was a sphere, divided into 120 equal, identical triangles. Ancient Greeks wrote that much of this knowledge came from Egypt and Babylonia. Egypt was considered the centre of the known universe and therefore – zero meridian. Other ancient capitals were placed in geometric accordance to Egypt. Plato taught the world was a giant “crystal” that created energy.

I must make it clear – there is no scientific proof of the world energy grid. It is well worth pondering just the same. Anthropologist Bethe Hagens made a model of the earth using Plato’s triangles. At each point where the triangles meet, there is a major ancient structure, magnetic field, or monument. Coincidence, or by design, it does give pause for thought.


Ponder Tomorrows Near Earth Asteroid

August 25, a near earth asteroid of alarming size will pass our planet. A near earth asteroid is classified as anything under 100 Lunar Distance from Earth. Lunar Distance being the distance from earth to the moon. Asteroid 1998TU3 will come within 49.5 LD, for which we can all breath a sigh of relief, it’s almost 5 KM across. By contrast we also welcome 2012QH14, only 3.5 LD, and a paltry 15 metres wide.

The asteroid that put an end to the age of the dinosaur struck in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists estimate a tsunami 500 feet high followed, with evidence of sea life found as far away as Colorado. It was estimated to be 15 KM wide.

This link is to space weather, and has a chart of upcoming “near earth” events.


Don’t Despair Naked Harry

Prince Harry has landed himself in a spot of trouble. I don’t think he should despair. Royal scandals far more ridiculous have graced the tabloid pages. Lets ponder the toe sucking scandal involving the Duchess of York, Sara Ferguson in 1992. Or the 1995 scandal where Prince Charles professed his love for Camilla by saying ” I want to be reincarnated as your tampon ” Naked Harry should relax, what happens in Vegas, most likely will stay there.

Photo from the Daily Mail



Worlds Largest Tomahawk

Cut Knife Saskatchewan boasts the world’s largest tomahawk. Over 50 feet tall, it towers over the landscape, dwarfing  the tired homes and dusty main street.  Not visible from the highway, it sits hopefully on the edge of a tidy, empty camp-ground, waiting for travellers lucky enough to  remember what a road trip is. Mid afternoon and the only sign of life is a run down cafe where the waitress sits playing cribbage with a gentleman older than the peeling linoleum.

Ponder the road trip. Once the backbone of summer vacation, replaced by “all inclusive”, fading into obscurity. We can’t understand our world unless we look at it. It can’t be seen from a swim up bar….

World's Largest Tomahawk - Cut Knife, SaskatchewanWorld’s Largest Tomahawk
Cut Knife, Saskatchewan
Photo by Gerry Fox

Celestial Alignment at Giza is Just the Beginning

The planetary alignment at Giza may have been exaggerated, that doesn’t mean Giza hasn’t a celestial connection. Each side of the Great Pyramid is aligned almost perfectly with the four directions – North, South, East and West – only out by .2 degrees. The sides also match the stars in Orion’s Belt.

Almost all the ancient structures that remain  have a celestial connection. Too numerous to mention them all, here are a few examples to get you pondering……

The Mayan site Chichen Itza has 364 steps on each side, add the platform on top and you have the 365 days of the year. At the Vernal and Autumnal equinox, the shadow of a serpent is cast on the steps of the North staircase.

In Ecuador an ancient obelisk was built with only one purpose. To cast a shadow on a stone wall at sunrise on Dec. 21, 2012. Since the Earth wobbles on its axis this date is the only time the shadow would be cast on the wall. Ponder this – the wall just happens to be constructed at the exact angle of the earth’s axis on that day.

This link is wonderful if you have been bitten by the ancient celestial bug and want to learn more. The illustration below is from the site.


. The sites: Giza, Siwa, Tassili n’Ajjer, Paratoari, Ollantaytambo, Machupicchu, Nazca, Easter Island, Aneityum Island, Preah Vihear, Sukhothai, Pyay, Khajuraho, Mohenjo Daro, Persepolis, Ur, Petra  are shown clockwise from Giza on the equal azimuthal projection. below. The projection is centered on the axis point in southeastern Alaska. Distances to any location from the center of an equal azimuthal projection are equally scaled. Since all of the sites on the great circle alignment are equally distant from the axis point at one quarter of the circumference of the earth, the alignment forms a perfect circle halfway between the center and the outer edge of the projection.


Sky Map-Ponder the Mystery of the Night Sky

This is a shameless plug for the Google Sky Map app. If you have an android phone, download this one immediately. Hold your phone up at the night sky and it tells you exactly what stars or constellation you’re looking at. You can search for constellations, specific stars, planets, or meteor shower. It will make an astronomer out of you.

Once you’ve downloaded, the link above is great for learning how to use all the features. It’s very, very easy