Some Statistics to Ponder

These statistics were  taken from a 2002 report by the United Nations, although 10 years old, my pondering mind was astonished.

Of 168 countries included in the report, the United States ranked first in the number of prisoners per capita, with over 2 million people incarcerated. They took first place honours in car theft, and murder by firearm,  however it must be noted that per capita Canada had more rapes, burglaries, drug offences, suicides, briberies, and  a lower confidence in police efficiency. America tops the world in number of obese people, oil use, teenage pregnancies, divorces, and motor vehicle deaths.

You can expect to have the longest life in Monaco, averaging 89.73 years. Pay the highest tax rate in Belgium, and travel to New Zealand for the country with the most Cannabis use.

The link below has statistics on anything you can think of, well worth a ponder.

Photo from Iseastripes blogspot

2 thoughts on “Some Statistics to Ponder

  1. Although if you look at it per capita, Canada with 1/10 the population of the USA and only 1/4 the total number of crimes has a crime rate for all crimes that is about 2.5 times that of the USA. Sounds like the average American is more honest than the average Canadian 😉

    • You’re absolutely right, the US has more crimes, but a much higher population. Per capita, the US only leads in car theft and murder by firearm. Canada has more rapes, drug offences, suicide, bribery charges, burglaries, and a lower confidence in police efficiency.Interesting and thanks. 🙂

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