A Hopi Prophecy

The Hopi inhabited the American South West, as with the Zuni, it is believed they descended from the earlier Pueblo people. First evidence of these people begins around 1100 AD. The Hopi believed  the Earth was in its fourth stage of existence, having been destroyed and reborn three times before. The first world had been destroyed by fire, the second – ice, and the third – floods. They believed the world was close to the end of a fourth stage, based on prophecies foretold on what was known as the Prophecy Rock.

With no written language, stories from the prophecy rock were passed on by word of mouth. Story tellers spoke of signs leading up to the end of the fourth world.

The first sign – white skinned men who took land not their own, striking with thunder – guns.

Second sign – spinning wheels filled with voices – covered wagons of settlers.

Third sign – a strange beast like a buffalo, but with great long horns, taking over the land – cattle.

Fourth sign – the land will be crossed with snakes of iron – rail roads

Fifth sign – the land will be criss-crossed with a giant spider web – telegraph and telephone poles.

Sixth sign – land covered in rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun – highways, the mirage they produce in sun.

Seventh sign – .the sea will turn black, many living creatures will die – oil spills.

Eighth sign – youth will wear long hair, join tribal people to learn their wisdom – hippie movement

Ninth and final sign – a dwelling place above earth will fall with a great crash, appearing as a blue star – space station skylab entering earths atmosphere in 1979, appearing to burn blue as it fell to the ground.

As with Nostradamus, interpretation is simply that. Not scientific proof or presented as fact – worth a ponder just the same.


Photo from the american indian tribes site linked above.