Is That a Hot Dog in Your Gucci?

As someone who has spent the better part of 30 years in the hospitality industry – asking the question -is that a hot dog in your Gucci seems pointless. Knowing of course that the answer would be – don’t be ridiculous, I have 3 hot dogs and the better part of your cheese platter in my bag. What is it about the promise of “all you can eat”, free cocktail receptions, or complimentary that turns people into gluttons? Want or need has nothing to do with it, quite the opposite. The better healed the clientèle, the more expensive the “doggy bag”. Louis Vuitton’s  fill with hastily wrapped smoked salmon faster than you can say good evening.

The spectacle known as “the buffet” leaves my jaw on the floor. Nary a thought to actual hunger, portion size, or the gaze of hungry guests waiting for their table to be called – diners burden plates with enough food to feed a family. They do it because they can.

Around 40% of the food produced in the world is wasted. 50% of the fish and seafood caught is thrown away. It starts with your over ripe bananas, vegetables you forget in the bottom of your fridge, proteins you ignore until they turn green. Restaurants discard millions of tons of uneaten food. Each of us throws away enough food each year to feed us for  2 months. We pay premiums for organic produce, free range chicken, “all natural” anything only to feed our environmentally friendly compost box. All without blinking.

Perhaps a better question would be -Why did you stuff your Gucci? You know you won’t eat it. Why did you take more food than you could possibly eat? Why do  manners and common sense elude us the instant food is placed before us? Why do we take our most basic need for granted? Why do we behave like it’s our right while doing so?


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2 thoughts on “Is That a Hot Dog in Your Gucci?

  1. I believe this is a primordial instinct.
    Have you ever seen cavepeople eating a prey that was just killed?
    They must have known that this could have been the only thing they would eat for a longtime…

    As a footnote

    I have buffet.

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