How Many Calories in a Rodent Hair?

Insects are a delicacy in many parts of the world. In all honesty I can’t see  much difference between a shrimp and any number of big fat grubs crossing the lips of people around the world. Insects are a source of protein, not one for my westernized palette, but to each his own. We eat what’s available, our bodies know what they need.

Keeping this in mind I’m able to shrug off the fact that most food we eat contains bug parts. Unavoidable, no big deal.

Rodents find their way into the global soup pot. They don’t fall, they’re placed. No problem, picture the rat as a very small rabbit.

I draw the line at rodent hair and faeces, yet from our morning cereal to late night slice of pizza, rodent contamination is along for the ride. Anything produced from grain or seeds may be the worst. Flour has one or more rodent hairs for every 50 gms. Peanut Butter, one or more per 100 gms. Popcorn, 20 or more gnawed grains per pound along with the two or more hairs. Ground spices have incredibly high hair and faeces counts. Stuff your Turkey with Sage dressing containing nine or more rodent hairs per 10 mg. or other dries spices with 1 mg. “mammalian excreta” per pound.

Food inspectors allow mold, rot, insect parts, and rodent contamination in our food, they call it “unavoidable contamination”

Mice haunting farmers on Eyre Peninsula

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