Greece This Wheel

By now most of us have heard about the economic turmoil in Greece. Have you pondered why they’re having such a hard time? Think about this for a few minutes, I guarantee that not only will their problems make sense, you’ll be shaking your head in disbelief.

For starters, pastry chefs, radio announcers, hairdressers, and masseurs in steam baths are a few of the 600 professions allowed to retire at age 50, with a government pension of 95% of their last years earnings.  The reason you ponder? Due to the “arduous and perilous” nature of their job.  For those lucky enough to live in Athens and have a job, commuting to work is free. A state of the art transit system built for the Olympics operates on the honour system. No one bothers to pay. The average pay for a transit worker is equivalent to over 97,000 US. Ticket sales bring in around 130 million US while wages are hovering at over 800 million US. Tax evasion is part of Greek culture. Only 5000 out of a population of 12 million report earnings of more than 140,000 US, while studies show over 60,000 Greeks have holdings in the country of well over a million dollars. The list of astounding reasons for problems in Greece goes on and on. Click below to learn more.

The Big Fat Greek Gravy Train: A special investigation into the EU-funded culture of greed, tax evasion and scandalous waste | Mail Online