That’s One Small Dollar

Perhaps you find yourself scratching your head, wondering where all your money went. Your mind boggles as you wander the aisles of the grocery store, you buy the same food yet it costs twice as much. The middle class¬†dissolves, becoming a puddle of television promises .Illusions of your parents white picket fence replaced by credit card debt and struggles to make ends meet. Lay¬†offs, out-sourcing, automation, and bail outs are the new “normal”.

Ponder this – A dollar in 1950 had the same buying power as 9.56 in 2012. By 1960 it was down to 7.68, 1970 – 5.99. 1980 – 2.94, 1990 – 1.79 and in 2000 – 1.34. At this rate, ten years from now that will be a mighty small dollar.

This link is for an inflation calculator, well worth looking at.

Photo from Variable Annuity Calculator