Forbes List Best and Worst Jobs 2012 – A Matter of Opinion

Few people have the option of life without work. What motivates our career choices, and how many are happy with their job? Do we abandon dreams for money, or was money our dream? Do starry eyed ambitions crush under the realities of life? Does our job fulfil our lives, or does it burden us with resentment and anxiety?  Are we over qualified and underpaid, or happily punching the clock pursuing our passions? Do we follow our own path or pave someone else’s?

Forbes has a list of the 10 best and worst jobs in 2012. I’m no expert but my guess is there are some happy Lumberjacks (worst job) and unhappy Software Engineers (best job).

Best jobs – Software Engineer, Actuary, Human Resources Manager, Dental Hygienist, Financial Planner, Audiologist, Occupational Therapist, Online Advertising Manager, Computer Systems Analyst, and Mathematician.

Worst jobs – Lumberjack, Dairy Farmer, Enlisted Military Personnel, Oil Rig Worker, Newspaper Reporter, Waiter/Waitress, Meter Reader, Dishwasher, Butcher, and Broadcaster.