We See You Comet ISON

A new comet, C/2012S1 ,known as comet ISON was recently detected beyond the orbit of Jupiter. This one has scientific jaws wagging . The reason their horn rims are bunched in a knot is ISON will pass very close to the Sun. 1.8 million Km. may not sound like much. In universe terms it may as well be your neighbour knocking on the door. It’s too early to say which fate will be dealt ISON.  Several possibilities exist – it may fizzle out, disappearing in a puff of space dust, or it may become “super charged” from the intense heat of the Sun, making it visible to the naked eye. The verdict won’t come until next year.


photo – http://remanzacco.blogspot.it/2012/09/new-comet-c2012-s1-ison.html