American Versailles

A story out of Windermere, Florida revealed that Westgate Resorts CEO David Siegel told his employees  if Barack Obama was re-elected and raised taxes, he would have to fire some of them. His rationale being that he couldn’t afford the cost of growing his company.

This is beyond pondering, this is jaw dropping. Visions of mining or lumber towns complete with the company store popped into my head. I used to think “big brother” meant the government listened in on your phone calls. A new Big Brother is emerging and it’s far more insidious. In a downtrodden America the thought of persuasive voting makes my skin crawl.

Here’s the punch line – David Siegel and his wife Jackie built the largest home in America. At 90,000 Square feet it is larger than 747 airplane hangers. It has 9 kitchens and 30 bathrooms, 2 movie theatres, a bowling alley of course, dubbed the “American Versailles” the Siegels lost Versailles when they ran into financial difficulty. Siegel, the “time share” king of Florida is a self made billionaire. His company currently employs 7000 people, down 5000 employees since 2007. I can understand why the rich hate taxes: the Mahogany doors and windows in Versailles cost 4 million dollars. What I can’t fathom is why they believe their money is different from anyone else’s.

The above link includes a copy of the email Siegel sent his employees.

Just for fun, take a look at American Versailles….

Biggest House In America David Siegel