55 Cancrie e, Is a Planet Made of Diamonds

As wonderful as it may be that scientists have confirmed a “habitable” planet 600 light years from Earth , (Kepler 22 b for those not paying attention )  the knowledge  a planet made of diamonds  lurks a mere 40 light years away, puts the smile on my face.

55 Cancrie e is in the constellation of Cancer. The fact that this massive planet has a surface temperature of 39oo degrees Fahrenheit  has a year equivalent to 18 hours, and couldn’t possibly support life as we know it pales in comparison to the fact that scientists believe it is made primarily of diamonds.

From the moment the universe went “bang”, a chain reaction was set in motion. The same elements we find on Earth are  in every corner of the universe, circumstance just happened to arrange them differently. Frozen moons, red dwarfs, white giants, black holes, quasars, nebulas, ice planets, gas planets, and diamond planets.

Ponder the universe and smile knowing that we were lucky enough to roll sevens.


Star map showing the planet-hosting star 55 Cancri in the constellation of Cancer. The star is visible to the naked eye, though better through binoculars. (Image by Nikku Madhusudhan; created using Sky Map Online)