Ponder Our World if Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard Had Met

Joseph Smith was the force responsible for the Mormon religion. His father “told fortunes” moving his family from town to town.  Joseph made a go of fortune telling but was arrested for fraud a year before his “vision” led to the birth of the Mormon religion.


L Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer. Hubbard is quoted as saying – ” If you want to make a little money write a book, if you want to make a lot start a religion”


There’s no argument these men came from different times and places. That aside, ponder for a moment what might have been had these two businessmen joined forces. It could have been a world where dark skinned people weren’t the descendants of an evil lost tribe of Israel. Dark skinned people could have come from the planet Xenu to wage war with the souls of all those who had travelled to Earth. Polygamy could have been the path to enlightenment, not Gods wish but a way to rid ourselves of psychological problems. A free personality test might have determined individuals prone to gambling or pornography. There’s no telling what the two of them might have come up with.

Per capita the church of Mormon is the wealthiest church in America. Scientology has assets of 500 million in the U.S.

Having fun with Xenu

Photo from – http://www.cultnews.com/?p=1987

5 thoughts on “Ponder Our World if Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard Had Met

  1. We have The Uncle Ron Club here in Johannesburg too.
    One of our oldest golf-clubs got into financial distress and was forced to merege with another club on the other side of the city.
    Most of the land was sold off to developers but the very large and old club house and immediate grounds was purchased by Scientologists.

    I only ever read one Hubbard book, Battlefield Earth. Enjoyed it the first time but despised it after I tried to read it a second, especially after it was turned into a movie which was utter crap. Is it any wonder that John Travolta played the main antagonist, the alien, Terl? 🙂

    • I can’t think of a bigger joke than the one L. Ron Hubbard pulled. The fact that Scientology is even recognized blows my mind.Their assets in the U.S. exceed 500 million, they have tax free status and laugh all the way to the bank.Their mission a “free personality test” – are you F’n kidding me! I fear for the future of mankind. Goodnight 🙂

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