Smarten Up America

As the election for President of the United States looms I can’t help but ponder the astonishing amount of money spent by both parties. This election ranks as the most expensive in history, a reported 6 billion dollars. Money spent on TV ads in one month exceeded the total amount of money all Canadian political parties combined were allowed to spend for the entire election. The American political process is out of control It’s shameful.

I’m not an American therefore it’s from a position of common sense that I express disbelief. What is it going to take for Americans to smarten up and say – ¬†enough. ¬†Money has always secured power, politics beg for grandstanding and mud slinging, but America seems to have lost it’s mind.

As infrastructure crumbles, funding for education slides, unemployment rises, and personal debt runs rampant, I have to ask how you could sit back while billions were spent on “marketing”? I try to put it in perspective. After all in America it’s perfectly acceptable to be a lobbyist, trade carbon credits, and bail out the big boys when they run into a spot of trouble.

Maybe it’s the Canadian in me, but if I were an American I know I would be asking for caps on election spending. Smarten up America.

Jim Young / Reuters