Frankenstorm is the name given to an impending weather event. As Hurricane Sandy chugs up the Atlantic seaboard, forecasters predict a collision with some nasty Arctic air resulting in one cold mega storm. Sandy is a late season hurricane that has already left 20 dead in the Caribbean.  As it moves north the unique prediction of snow associated with a hurricane seems to be the story if you happen to live in Eastern Ohio, Virginia, or Pennsylvania. For those in New York, New Jersey, and Atlantic Canada  – bundle up your trick or treaters, Frankenstorm means business.

As an admitted weather watcher, I delight in the name Frankenstorm. Kudos to you NOAA for that dub. Storm chasing enthusiasm aside lets hope this one doesn’t live up to its hype. Batten down the hatches Eastern America, Frankenstorm looks ominous.

Hurricane Sandy satellite image

Hurricane Sandy is being labelled a ‘Frankenstorm’ by forecasters, an unusual nasty mix of a hurricane and a winter storm.