Canadian Federal Election Caps

I won’t even try to disguise this post as anything other than another gentle wake up call for America. At the risk of coming across like Michael Moore, I ponder what it will take for you to wake up? The spending on this election could finance a small country. At what point did you lose your way? If you aren’t bothered by an election and political system sold to the highest bidder, fair enough. Knock yourselves out, obviously I don’t understand what it is to be American.

Being the good neighbour that I am – may I at least offer you a window into another option?

In Canada contributions to political parties are capped at $1,200.00. Furthermore, it is illegal for unions or business to contribute anything. A candidate may only spend $1000.00 of his own money on his campaign, and a cash contribution may not exceed $20.00.

I realize it may be difficult to comprehend such a pittance. I understand that the concept of financial influence not being tolerated may come across as “quaint” or un- American. I assure you, we get the job done in a timely fashion. We may not be happy with the results yet sleep well at night knowing it was a democratic process.

This Little Girl is Tired of Obama and Romney


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