How Could All Of You Be Right?

Recently I read a post on one of the blogs I follow. To make a long story short – the writers fundamentalist father- in- law declared there was no such thing as a “black hole” . FIL reasoned that God would not allow anything to be destroyed. It took a moment or two for the graveness of the situation to sink in. The writer, too dumbfounded to respond – walked away without uttering a word. Good for him. Any other response would have been futile.

This got me pondering. All of us know our world is divided by many religious views. Although I may not agree with them, I respect ¬†individual beliefs or faith. The baffling thing is that they all think they’re right. Perhaps they should form a¬†committee, a panel of religious leaders, coming together to make the world a better place. Rather than bicker about who had the “true God” they could redirect their efforts towards something that mattered.

What should a person of any faith care about who joins them at the pearly gates? Faith, spirituality, or the lack of either should be a choice not an obligation. If father- in- law believes a black hole is impossible who cares, at least he’s happy. The sooner we agree to disagree, the sooner we can move forward. You can’t all be right.

world religions pie chart