If news of an impending global disaster should break consider hopping on a plane to Albania.  Between 1950 – 1985 Albania built over 600,000 bunkers, enough to house the entire population. Albania has more bunkers than any place else in the world. No guarantee you would be welcome, and doubtful an Albanian bunker would offer any comforts of home. Perhaps just something to keep in mind if you happen to be in the area.

For those seeking a bunker closer to home the options are astounding. Forget the cold war era cellar, and consider the marketing plan from Vivos. This California company will take your money in exchange for a place to go when it hits the fan.

Bunker “kits” are available on-line, ebay offers cold war era fallout shelters, and “doomsday” real estate is big business. You can purchase old missile silos ready to accept modern conveniences or if money is no object multi million dollar fortresses.

All I’m pondering at the moment is the sorry state of my emergency kit. As a child of the cold war years paranoia is understood. As a practical middle aged woman, I’m making sure I have a few days supply of food and water. Unless companies like Vivos have secret technology to transport clients to their facilities when calamity strikes, I’ll take my chances at home.

File:Albania bunkers.jpg

Bunker in Albania