Atheists Get Penguins for Christmas

As I work in the Hospitality industry, I find myself entering Christmas party season. For the next few weeks, night after night I will cheerfully work with clients to insure the annual office soiree goes off without a hitch. The Christmas party is a big deal. The once a year opportunity for mail clerks and CEO s to be on equal ground. A Christmas party has no social or religious boundaries. It has turkey, trees, and cleverly decorated tables. It doesn’t have even the slightest hint of religious symbolism; unless you count a stray angel or two.

I started to ponder Christmas tonight, my conclusion made me laugh. My chuckle stemmed from the fact that I’ve been so busy making perfect Christmas parties, I failed to notice how little Christmas is left in Christmas. Naturally I scoff at retailers who assault shoppers with Jingle Bells before the half price Halloween candy has left the shelves. Gone are the days of no Christmas until Thanksgiving was finished. Fair enough, Valentines Day is now marketed right after New Year.

This ended with a ponder on what Atheists do at Christmas. Feeling rather sheepish for missing this boat – the answer being – the same as everyone else. A Nativity is rarer than hens teeth, replaced by snowmen, penguins, polar bears, mice, frogs, peacocks, moose; infinite possibilities for cute little baubles.  Christmas decorations have become an office party. All are welcome, drinks are free, and Bing Crosby singing White Christmas could hardly offend anyone.