Rather Blind than Fat

I’m no Kate Moss, nor am I over weight. By America’s Next Top Model standards my healthy size 8 would be considered “plus size”. North America has a massive problem with obesity. Statistics on childhood obesity are staggering, our “supersize” world is out of control. Just as remarkable are eating disorders, in no small part a result of impossible standards set by the fashion industry.

Arizona State University published the results of a recent study in the American Journal of Public Health. Based on a “blind study” of 100 women the results set me pondering. A shocking 1 in 6 said they would rather be blind than fat. It didn’t stop there; 1 in 4 would prefer herpes, severe depression, or alcoholism over a bulging waistline.

To be honest these results strike me as more disappointing than shocking. Women fought hard for the vote, equal rights ,abortion, and pay equity. Choosing a disability or social stigma in exchange for a size 2 not only defeats the battles, it proves women will never be equal.

Obesity is society’s problem, not limited to women; a concern to all. Until women are able to wrap their heads around the power of the mind, not the body – they will continue to be judged by their dress size.

Eating Disorders