Made in China

It goes without saying that China is complicated.That said; messy politics doesn’t excuse flagrant disregard for health and safety. Pursuit of the almighty dollar has gripped the Chinese, who could blame them. The west has rolled out the red carpet, trade with China has exploded. We’re left to reap what we sow.

I’ve posted about tainted Chinese honey and pondered Chinese “ghost cities“.  While the bizarre existence of ghost cities; something the Chinese credit to real estate speculation, only serves to illustrate how strange China has become – honey is the story. Honey, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, toys, jewellery, pet food, ceramics, the list is as endless as it is scary.  This is not a ponder, rather a dire warning – think very hard before you purchase anything “made in china”.

We can’t apply western standards to their factories, we all live with goods produced in many countries where conditions are deplorable. Knowing that massive Chinese factories have installed “suicide nets” in response to factory workers leaping to their death, rather than face another day; isn’t the story. The story is what the Chinese put on store shelves.

Never mind the counterfeit goods, the knock off’s of designer apparel or pirated discs. Lets think about the supposedly legitimate goods we gobble up at bargain prices. Children’s toys and jewellery contaminated with lead and cadmium. Cosmetics with ridiculous lead content, pet food snuffing out Fido because of Melamine contamination. Pharmaceuticals sub standard and lethal, food products full of illegal antibiotics and pesticides.

It is beyond me how anyone could think this is OK. I can’t imagine what it will take to snap people out of their dream world and say – enough. For anyone who doesn’t think it effects them, think again. More than half the apple juice we consume comes from China, 90 % of Vitamin C, fish, vegetables and fruit are imported in staggering amounts. Food inspectors turn back thousands of Chinese shipments a year; in reality they are only capable of inspecting 1% of the imported goods.

The west will continue to be “played the fool” until we take a stand and refuse “Made in China”


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