Stephen Harper, Please Explain Yourself

Throw us a bone Stephen Harper, we deserve an explanation; any morsel of common sense will do. The question is simple – why do you believe Canadians should have fewer restrictions on guns?

With callously impeccable timing; on the anniversary of 14 women being gunned down at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, the Harper government plans for gun reform hit media with a bang. Perhaps scrapping the poorly managed “long gun registry” , with barely a murmur from mild mannered Canadians, set the stage for further madness. Without reasonable explanation I can only guess.

What shred of logic leads to the conclusion; hand guns and assault rifles should be declassified, making them readily available. Are we to go moose hunting with semi-automatic weapons, or pull out a hand gun when attacked by a bear? Despite considerable pondering, I fail to see why police should abandon regulations that require illegal guns to be destroyed. Likewise the wisdom in extending gun licences from 5 to 10 years.

The question is simple Mr. Harper. Sadly, my expectation for a straight answer is non existent. My only hope is that Canadians will wake up and ask – what are you doing to Canada Stephen Harper?

Stephen Harper with his cat; Stanley.