Stephen Harper, Please Explain Yourself

Throw us a bone Stephen Harper, we deserve an explanation; any morsel of common sense will do. The question is simple – why do you believe Canadians should have fewer restrictions on guns?

With callously impeccable timing; on the anniversary of 14 women being gunned down at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, the Harper government plans for gun reform hit media with a bang. Perhaps scrapping the poorly managed “long gun registry” , with barely a murmur from mild mannered Canadians, set the stage for further madness. Without reasonable explanation I can only guess.

What shred of logic leads to the conclusion; hand guns and assault rifles should be declassified, making them readily available. Are we to go moose hunting with semi-automatic weapons, or pull out a hand gun when attacked by a bear? Despite considerable pondering, I fail to see why police should abandon regulations that require illegal guns to be destroyed. Likewise the wisdom in extending gun licences from 5 to 10 years.

The question is simple Mr. Harper. Sadly, my expectation for a straight answer is non existent. My only hope is that Canadians will wake up and ask – what are you doing to Canada Stephen Harper?

Stephen Harper with his cat; Stanley.

11 thoughts on “Stephen Harper, Please Explain Yourself

  1. I’m a US Citizen and we have the worse guns laws, possibly in the world. No one wants to touch the issue because they are scared of the NRA. The gun lobby in the US is very well financed. I keep hearing how gun manufacturers can barely keep up with demand because people are scared that Barack will take away their guns.
    You do not want this brand of craziness in Canada.

  2. Worried he’s going to eat that kitten! And I couldn’t agree more. The anniversary of the Montreal Ecole Polytechnique shooting is one that I remember well, and it makes me sick that someone would want to make it easier for low-lifes and psychos to get their hands on a weapon.

    • That photo of Harper with his kitten cracks me up. Can’t put my finger on it; haven’t decided if it’s because it makes me think of Mike Myers as Dr. Evil, or simply because he looks so pleased with his new kitten “Stanley” No matter – either way; Canada’s George Bush wanna be is making me nervous. Holy crap!

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