Out of my Life, Justin Bieber!

No offence Justin Bieber, but I want you out of my life. I have nothing against you; if I were 14 the story would be completely different. Fourteen was a long time ago.  Bieber – your fans are messing with my blog. I may be taking this all too seriously, the source of my annoyance is innocent enough; I’m not too old to grasp that nugget. My disapproval stems from an innocent reference to Stephen Harper meeting Justin Bieber.

My post “Pondering Stephen Harper” wasn’t about Bieber. I wrote about “my Canada” and how Harper has lost sight of Canadian ideals.  I spent a few hours in naive bliss. My views went crazy; I watched like a proud mother, believing my words had struck a chord.

A few hours later my euphoria was replaced by sickening realization. How could I have been so stupid? As the hundreds of views crossed the thousand threshold – I wanted to scream – Bieber! So mad at myself for not catching on sooner. In hindsight I was too drunk with stat fever to focus in on the fine print. Had I been less eager, the evidence was staring me in the face.

Most of the search terms used to find me had the words Harper and Bieber. Worse still, almost every one had Steven not Stephen. Not one misspelled Bieber. That was days ago; thankfully it has started to settle down – yet refuses to go away. Perhaps I take myself too seriously, after all I’m fairly new at this.

I’ve had a few days to restore faith in my purpose, licking the wounds the Bieber fiasco delivered to my pride. Vowing to chose my words carefully in the future, I’ll learn to live with the multitude of misbegotten hits. Eventually my statistics will even out. With any luck a few Bieber fans will read this and learn that Canada’s leader is STEPHEN Harper.