Pondering Michael Ruppert

Flicking through the channels I stumbled upon the HBO documentary  Collapse. It featured Michael Ruppert, a chain smoking ex Los Angeles police officer sitting alone in a dark room – he talked, I listened. Ruppert appeared tired, not in the lack of sleep sense. He struck me as worn out.Without the slightest inclination to grandstand, Ruppert told a story of collapse.

Ruppert’s parents worked for the CIA. He graduated from UCLA in 1973 with an honours degree in Political Science. Declining recruitment attempts by the CIA, he became a Los Angeles police officer. He left the force, starting a website called From The Wilderness. An author and lecturer, he warns of economic collapse,” peak oil”, and the break down of society.

The fascinating thing about Michael Ruppert is his delivery. Some criticize it as arrogant, I viewed it as matter of fact; the world according to Michael Ruppert – take it or leave it. I listened as he explained peak oil, warned of economic meltdown,  suggested we buy gold, and stockpile organic corn seed. He certainly held my attention, digesting his words even if some were tough to swallow.

Ruppert believes society is working through the stages of grief. Having lost our ability to live life as we pictured it, we watch helplessly as expectations melt faster than the ice cap – denial is fueling increased violence, fundamentalist religious views, and hatred. Ruppert asserts only those who work through denial, anger, bargaining and depression to reach acceptance will make it. Take Michael Ruppert with a grain of salt, but watch Collapse. A fascinating perspective, and something to ponder.


10 thoughts on “Pondering Michael Ruppert

  1. Interesting. But the truth is we’ve never had it so good. Yes, there are a shitload of problems, some extremely serious, but on the whole we’re healthier and happier and more free today than at any point in time.

  2. Quite the documentary. Saved the link for sharing and thanks for posting. I saw Michael Ruppert’s angst and his reliance and smoking and emotions, hence why I chose long ago not to ever smoke, indulge in any sort of drug, or do emotions. If one would be a change agent of self, perhaps of more, one must exhibit the characteristics of the self-empowered. Physically, materially, we may need “the tribe” to survive, but the real survival depends upon the “rugged individualism” of the mind. It is in our minds that we express responsibility for life.

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