A Little More Gun Talk

Since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, over 1000 Americans have been killed by guns. Think about that for a moment. Most of these deaths nothing more than a passing story on the local news. It hasn’t even been two months since America’s latest horrific headliner, yet 1000 people have been wiped from the face of the earth.

According to a report by Christiane Amanpour;  13,186 people were killed worldwide in 2010 by terrorist attacks. In the same year 31,672 Americans fell victim to gun violence. Her source for this data was a report by Tom Diaz of the Violence Policy Centre.

On average the number of people killed by guns in Canada is 600 – 1000 annually. Of those 80% are suicide deaths. Canada doesn’t escape gun nonsense; just last week a stray bullet came through a townhouse wall in Brampton, Ontario – killing a nine year old boy.

I’m tired of debating America’s “right to bear arms”, the NRA, and gun control. Likewise defending my perspective as a Canadian. I accept that arguing gun issues with America is like trying to reason with evangelical Christians. I realize my broad generalization of America doesn’t apply to all. Hopefully my exasperation will be recognized for what it is by those enlightened few who understand my ponder.

My hope is that; if only for a brief moment – people will grasp the magnitude of far too many gun deaths.


Photo – Jessica Hill. The Associated Press, post Media News

5 thoughts on “A Little More Gun Talk

    • Stop it! You’re making me laugh too much, and I have to pack it in for the night as work looms way too early. The subject is far from funny, and I guess I’m chuckling because you spanked it so hard. I’ve been patiently debating the difference between automatic and semi automatic weapons with a brick wall, as if it could grow ears and listen.Thank you for calling bullshit.

  1. As an American I find this whole ordeal to be totally frustrating. Why is it no one gets the “As part of a well regulated militia” part of the 2nd amendment? If you want to play with automatic weapons then join the Army and stay there for life. If you want to hunt, stay the hell out of the woods with those assault rifles.
    Don’t let this bullshit infest Canada. I hear the NRA is exporting their crap worldwide.

    • I’ve discussed this subject with many Americans. Each time I’ve asked the same question – correct me if I’m wrong, I am after all Canadian, my understanding regarding the “right to bear arms” is that it stems from a colonial time when the government wanted to be able to readily raise a militia in defense of a fledgling nation. It’s as if I’m asking a brick wall!
      I point out there was a time when women couldn’t vote or have a credit card. A time when blacks sat at the back of the bus, abortion was illegal, and “God” was in the oath of allegiance My point is lost. Yikes..

      • I’m no Constitutional Scholar, but I think you are essentially correct. They feared standing armies because Kings had used them to abuse the population in Europe. With no or a small army, militias were needed to defend the country.
        The amandment does say “As part of a well regulated militia…” I don’t have the Bill of Rights in front of me but I seem to recall those words.
        To me militia means the army and well regulated means there can be laws regulating fire arms.
        The founding fathers never intended for me to have a ground to air missile launcher in my back yard. In those days everyone has muskets(?)

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