A City at Night

The sun fades, my city reveals beauty masked by light of day. Dark edges peel beneath tendrils of street light, forbidden corners relent, night shadows howl at the moon.

Darkness awakens people of the night. Alleys become canvases, art ripples across moonlit surfaces.  Street art belongs to the night, daring graffiti squad whitewash to vanquish their spirit.


Darkness transforms the ordinary, it allows us to view our surroundings in a different light. Things we pass by every day without a sideways glance, busy hubs, our familiar streets – evacuated by darkness,transformed into works of art. Ponder a city at night;  the place to understand its beating heart.

11 thoughts on “A City at Night

  1. I saw your recent post about the sale of Henry Moore sculpture in London’s Tower Hamlet. Sad story eh? Your comments about Moore’s Knife Two Piece in Vancouver made me smile:) That sculpture is my favorite thing about Vancouver. The last time I visited it there was a large group of Chinese folk doing Tai Chi exercises nearby. I love the look and feel of Moore’s cold bronzes. FYI there is a link on my blog that shows locations of Moore’s various sculptures around the world…

    • I laughed when getting around to your home page – the unmistakeable photo of QE Park was peeking at me. ( As if I had to tell you the location of a Henry Moore ) Thanks for pointing out your link.

  2. Your daughter and husband’s art are astonishing. There is a ragged, emotional edge to the murals when the mind has to grapple with the thought that someone will whitewash it all away. My response would be to try and preserve it until nature wears it all away. (Then, it would be a statement of the struggle between nature’s beauty and humankind’s beauty.)

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