Hey DA14, Meet Apophis

On Feb. 15, comet DA14 will come within 21,000 miles of earth. In cosmic terms; close enough to hear it whiz by. While not particularly large, at 150 odd feet, it could do considerable damage. Remember – a beach ball sized meteor could make a crater almost 20 feet deep and over 60 feet wide. There is no chance DA14 will collide with earth, at least not this time around.

Countless close calls populate our fragile existence. On April 13, 2029 Comet Apophis, at well over 500 feet; will come within a projected 19,400 miles of earth. This one is large enough to obliterate a major city In November of this year comet ISON;  not close  at 2 million miles, yet shining many times brighter than the full moon; will dazzle the naked eye.

I wish more of us pondered the cosmos. Governed by nothing but science; physics is the universal God. The United Nations itself, mandates that celestial bodies are for the benefit of all mankind Unfettered by politics, God, or back room handshakes; the universe is free to operate purely on science. No doubt the concept is lost on fundamentalists; the irony being that it could quite possibly be a space rock that bites us in the ass one day.

As we squabble like grade schoolers on the playground, squander our resources, and  throw tantrums over religious righteousness – a big ass space rock strikes me as poetic justice. Not a punishment from God; simply a cosmic spanking, unleashed when orbits eventually collide.

4 thoughts on “Hey DA14, Meet Apophis

  1. Regarding pondering the cosmos. When I was a school teacher, I invited a local astronomer to come one evening so that my third grade class (and the rest of the school) could observe a six planet alignment.

    He did an excellent job of defining relative distances between each of the planets using landmarks that were familiar to my students in an effort to give them a proper magnitude of what they would be looking at, kind of how map makers draw the earth to scale.

    I was truly awed about seeing the Moon in what could be termed as high definition and then to see the red property of Mars but what impressed me the most was seeing ice in Saturn’s rings. It was an unforgettable event.

    Your last paragraph is so poignant that I’ve decided to reblog this..

  2. Reblogged this on Destination Unknown and commented:
    It is only when we are exterior to a problem that we can see a resolution. You might even say that we get enough space to observe things in their proper perspective. Though we each feel independent of others, we are actually dependent on them as an assurance to our future survival. Maybe it’s time we get some SPACE!

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