Extraordinary Ordinary

Extraordinary Ordinary

I live in a place known for rain, a Canadian city released from the grip of old man winter in exchange for grey days. Occasional snow storms break the monotony, sunny days are few and far between.Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a recognized affliction; a form of depression caused by lack of sunlight.Winter is predictably gloomy, yet short – over in the blink of an eye.

My eye sees beauty in all that grey. Overcast skies are a gift, offered in exchange for stoically splashing through puddles. Ponder that gift of sight, and accept the opportunity to view the ordinary as extraordinary. Discover our world beyond sun splashed postcard expectations, and you’ll discover layers that expand horizons.

Click on the link above – extraordinary ordinary.


Salmon mural

3 thoughts on “Extraordinary Ordinary

  1. Beautifully written. I agree, grey on grey days (mist on mist and fog inside fog) are the most magical. Then again, a day under clear blue skies on a blisteringly white beach is also pretty nice! 🙂

    • What can I say. Given lemons – make lemonade. 🙂
      I’m packing for a trip to the frozen north of Saskatchewan later today. I’m stoked! A chance to experience Canadian winter at its finest. Fingers crossed for a blizzard. My mittens are packed – hoping for some midnight aurora watching. And yes, white sand, bright sun, and mojito in hand aren’t too shabby either.

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