Cardinal O’Brien

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, head of the Catholic church in Scotland; resigned over allegations of inappropriate behaviour. Pope Benedict XVI accepted his resignation on Feb. 18, just short of his intended departure on March 13 – his 75th birthday. Dare I say; there seems to be a trend developing in the Catholic Church.

These “run for the border” antics have me pondering. It isn’t that it’s happening; that’s old news. What really bothers me is that the same rule of law should apply to them as everyone else. Monumental heartbreak, shattered lives, and broken trust are swept under the mat; as if the victims didn’t matter. Men of God slip out the back door, and we all look the other way.

Apparently the “church” is on to something. In these politically correct times confession remains the accepted path to redemption, I doubt that the irony will ever dawn on the faithful. Thanks to our social media world, the confessional is open for all to see. The holy water gets too hot – jump out of the pot on CNN and all is right in the world –  you’re only human.  Zero punishment, all is forgiven – right?

I can’t help but laugh. For some strange reason it makes me think of Ted Haggard . the evangelist who strayed when attacked by homosexual demons. Poor Ted, he cried and cried – rather publicly I might add, upon losing his ministry;  his livelihood  down the toilet, stoic wife at his side – we give him a reality show. Actually paid him for the right to roll film as he re-builds his cash cow out of a barn on his sprawling estate.

I realize that Ted didn’t prey on followers, and can not be compared to Cardinal O’Brien’s path of demise. The point I’m trying to make is that we need to re-evaluate the kid glove extended to matters of God.  Every one of us who accepts this ridiculous, hypocritical double standard, is responsible for  the God card being played as a “get out of jail free” card.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien

9 thoughts on “Cardinal O’Brien

  1. Ted Haggard apparently did brow beat sex from a young parishioner and the pay out was part of the financial settlement he received from his church to get out of Boulder. He now has a policy of not judging homosexual “sin” any more than he would stealing or lying.

    My all time favourite is still Jimmy Swaggart who brought down the Bakkers and got caught with a hooker and porn then did it again after his sickening public grovelling. It isn’t even surprising any more with the Catholic church.

    • My theory is that the men of God who protest loudest against the “sin” of homosexuality are the ones with a little more to hide. Skeletons aside; I miss Tammy Bakker. We used to roll in early Sunday morning after a night on the town and turn on the TV just to watch her mascara run. 🙂

  2. This makes me think of the Residential Schools in Canada. These were funded by the government, but administered by Christian Churches. Other than an apology, the Churches have not, as I understand it, been held accountable for their actions. That seems to be the problem – they never have to make restitution.

  3. Hooray for crossing the line on talking about religion! I can’t agree with you more. Where is the accountability? What lessons are we teaching our children? Are rules okay to break if you don’t get caught? And if you do, just confess and you are forgiven.

    In the real world any layperson, Catholic or otherwise would have been prosecuted to the fullest extent. Why is the church exempt? What about the victims of these crimes?

    • Religion is a subject we all take to tippy toes when discussing I watch in horror as Christian fundamentalists raise the abortion issue or homosexuality. Firmly atop their soap boxes – blinders in place, they spew hatred with nary a thought..The Catholic church is shameful. Perhaps they consider themselves above the law because for centuries they were the law. I genuinely fear for our future if we can’t put an end to this nonsense.

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