585 Km/Second

The solar winds are currently kicking up quite a fuss. As someone who pays attention to these things – trust me when I say that’s pretty fast.  Solar winds cut loose when coronal holes open up on the surface of the sun; unfathomable blasts explode from their bellies. At the moment reported to be 585 Km/sec.

This got me pondering – how fast is that really? It translates to 1,308,607.73 MPH!

Still smiling – I’ll leave it at that.

6 thoughts on “585 Km/Second

  1. Seriously, i WISH there was a cable channel that only had a fixed (filtered) feed of the sun so everyone can just flip the channel and spend some time everyday watching our star. In my house, the channel would never be changed!

  2. Since the solar winds are clocked at 1,308,607+ and those winds reacting with the earth’s magnetic field cause the Aurora I wonder why we don’t percieve an aurora around all of the other planets(at least Mercury and Venus) when we view them through a telescopic lens? Does the amplification factor of the lens dampen out that visual image?

    • Great question. Other planets most certainly have auroras, in particular Jupiter, which is known for massive ones. The odd thing about auroras around Jupiter is that they don’t rely on solar wind to kick up a magnetic fuss. Scientists believe Jupiter’s intense volcanic activity sends charged ions into its magnetic field creating the light show. Any planet with a dense enough atmosphere does have auroras, and solar wind plays a part for Venus and Saturn. As for not being able to see them with our back yard lens – there’s just way too much deep space separating us.

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