Unhappy Zombies

I heard a story on the news today equating interest in zombies with a general upswing in an unhappy society.The reporter explained that Sarah Lauro, an English professor at Clemson University studied zombies while working on her doctoral degree.  The main focus  was “zombie walks”, something she called a phenomenon. A zombie walk is when a group gathers in a park or city space, lurching about in full zombie splendour. Lauro claims that zombie walks started in Toronto in 2003, gaining popularity as the Iraq war blew up in our faces. She claims zombie fascination is part of a historical trend – a way to express cultural and economic dissatisfaction.

“It was a way that the population was able to exercise the fact that they felt like they hadn’t been listened to by the Bush administration” Sarah Lauro

Lauro states that she has no interest in violence,horror movies, or video games yet has started taking part in zombie walks as a way to understand the mentality.With all due respect to you Sarah – what a load of rubbish. Unhappy people don’t react by playing dress-up, they turn to religion, buy guns, or yell at their families

I have to ponder why we justify unhappy zombies yet are too mummified to address actual cultural phenomenons like the explosion of fundamentalist Christian thinking. Unhappy people are too busy stirring the abortion pot, condemning gays to hell,blaming the 1%, or simply shutting down for zombie shenanigans.

With any luck Sarah will get the zombies out of her system, grow up, and take a long hard look at how unhappy people actually react.