Why Playing For Change?

It occurred to me, I’m always posting songs by Playing For Change without explaining why their message means so much.. It’s no secret how strongly I feel about the power of music, a universal language capable of uniting humanity.  Since man first beat two sticks together, or banged  a drum – music signaled ceremony, celebration, battle and protest.

Playing For Change is the name given to a movement started in 2004 by California music producers Mark Johnson and Enzo Buono. They heard street musician Roger Ridley playing Stand By Me in Santa Monica, and the rest is history. Travelling the world, they recorded street musicians interpretation of a song, compiling them into a single. Their vision is to bring people of all cultures together, breaking down barriers through music.

Playing For Change  core musicians  tour, so check out the link below and catch a show if you can. I missed them last year in Vancouver and am still kicking myself.

Playing For Change has a non profit foundation that funds music schools and programs in developing countries.With three in Ghana, and one each in Nepal, Rwanda, Mali, and South Africa. Never underestimate the power of music; who knows, it just might succeed when all else fails.