Why Do We Shoot Ourselves In The Foot?

Far from being an expert in any way other than my wits; my mind has been plagued recently by this ponder. I can’t stop wondering if mankind has reached the limit of evolution. The basis of my thesis is our seemingly endless capacity to shoot ourselves in the foot.

It is entirely possible that I mistake common sense for reality – I’ve given that point considerable thought – and every time I reach the same conclusion. Despite our technological advances, understanding of science and nature, or light speed communication; we’re taking one step forward two steps back.

Call me a crazy idealistic fool, but I don’t see us getting over this hump without a few things happening. First – religion has to be taken out of politics. I mean eradicated; delegated to the privacy of our homes. Abolished from political speeches, made accountable for their actions, and subjected to the same rule of law as everyone else. Religious leaders who speak out against homosexuality or abortion should be charged with hate crimes. As should any group such as the Boy Scouts who choose to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Until we move beyond religion, and biased thinking based on religion – we’re simply shooting ourselves in the foot.

Next we need to come to our senses in regard to organizations like the NRA. It boggles my mind to watch unelected spokespeople dictate policy from the comfort of their tax exempt, non profit towers. I find it beyond comprehension for this or any other lobby group to be given the time of day. Shooting ourselves in the foot is putting it mildly.

Third – lets get over rehashing done deals; women have the right to vote, blacks don’t sit at the back of the bus – and news flash religious fundamentalists – abortion is legal, gay people don’t burn in hell. Memo to the state of Arizona – life begins at the end of a woman’s last period? You geniuses made this law which makes you about as clever as the 63% of Canadians who responded in a recent poll to be in favour of bringing back the death penalty. Shooting ourselves in the foot.

I can’t help but think evolution has ground to a halt. Correct me if I’m wrong but I see no chance of moving forward while stalled on out dated concepts and perceptions. Worse still, we’re too busy shooting ourselves in the foot to even realize it.

12 thoughts on “Why Do We Shoot Ourselves In The Foot?

  1. YES! Oh my…you got that right! I want to get rid as in ban, forbid, remove from government,etc. the unions and the lobbyists. All cutbacks for delays in the budget start with the House and Senate salaries. Why should every day Joe have to pay the price because those on the hill won’t do their jobs? Also, money allocated for specific use must be documented and excess returned. When the Library of Congress was built the project was completed below the amount allocated and 200,000 dollars was returned to the government. Now here is an exquisite building, no shortcuts made…yet they were still able to do it under budget. I know, who ever heard of that? Yes, to everything you said about Religious leaders and politics. NO ONE is above the law, at least they shouldn’t be. Good rant!

  2. I don’t know whether you can stop evolution, but you sure can’t stop change — of whatever sort.

    In reading your comments about influences to be removed from government I am moved to ponder on my own….

    The determination of which influences are the most helpful and the most hurtful to a society are up for grabs. And one of those is the question of whether a pluralist society can survive. Taking just religion as an example — the one thing the heavy reliance upon Christian ethics provided was a sense of stability. Everyone knew what was allowed, what was not. Forget whether it was right or just — but it did provide stability. I remember when first the Berlin Wall fell, and then the Soviet Union dissolved — on of the Soviet Generals was quoted as saying something to the effect that when there is no bread on the grocery shelves that the public will cry out for the military to come and establish order. That did not occur in the Soviet Union, but there is a reality that when faced with mass disruption and disorder a lot if not most people will line up behind whomever has power in order to stay alive, even at the loss of liberties and freedom.

    American are, and have always been a contentious people. We hear a lot of talk about Gay Marriage right now as though that were the current front on which to fight the battle for rights — but we have been fighting for racial equality for 153 years and we still have not stamped out hate crimes against blacks.

    What will we create in a world without agreed upon standards of behavior? Heck — there’s a reason that the Brits have a national language. The globetrotting subjugators of other nations were at least smart enough to realize (as we have not yet realized) that there are some commonalities that need to be maintained if you are going to continue as a “country.” There comes a point where welcoming plurality becomes one’s own national death sentence. If there is no commonality there is no union.

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    • First of all – thank you for following my blog.

      When I write about evolution grinding to a hault, my tongue is planted in my cheek.Evolution is an unstoppable force.

      You’re absolutely right about religion providing society with structure. I have a great deal more to say on this subject but am running out the door. I’ll pick up where I left off later, and look forward to your perspective.

      • LOL — something about your wording here that struck me.

        It’s funny the way we humans talk about evolution — something which we are part of — as if the lab rat is contemplating the scientist placing probes in his/her brain.

        Sorry — I wasn’t intending a response TO your comment just something humorous that struck my mind while reading words. Something just clicked inside and it appeared as a vignette in space.

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