Shotguns Just Blew My Mind

Slugging my way home from work today, I  happily pondered what I might write about tonight. Content with my thoughts; a pleasant way to spend the afternoon rush hour. The radio played as backdrop, and all was right in the world. Without warning a news story aired that nearly blew my mind. My Jekyll became Hyde; removing the gloves of quiet contemplation, I raced home possessed by the need to learn more.

Houston, Texas resident Kyle Coplen started a privately funded group called the Armed Citizens Project. Coplen is giving away 20-gauge shotguns, complete with ammunition and a lesson, to primarily female residents of mid to high crime areas in the city. A graduate student in Public Administration at the University of Houston, Coplen claims to have come up with this gem while writing a paper for the masters program.

“Pro-gun activists have largely been content to simply fend off new potential gun control laws. It is my opinion that gun-rights activists must take the offensive, and actively encourage the increased presence of defensive weapons in society. Both sides believe that their policies will result in less crime, and it is about time that our side begins to act with the conviction and courage that it will take to win the debate.” – Kyle Coplen

Coplen calls his program a “study” to determine once and for all if more guns reduce crime. Quick to point out he’s not forcing guns on any body, and believes the 20-gauge shotgun is of little value to a criminal. Guidelines stipulate all recipients must pass a back ground check, have lived in their home for at least one year, and complete the Armed Citizens Project training course. Ideally for his ‘study” to work, the goal is to see entire neighbourhoods armed. Coplen points out; you don’t need to be a great shot to take an intruder out with a shotgun.

Not only does Coplen want to put a shotgun in every household, he stresses his intention to counter government programs aimed at buying back guns with education on their merit. Those considering turning guns into the government would be urged to trade them for a shotgun.

My goodness America. I’ve heard rumblings that your education system was in shambles. For grad students in Public Administration to be spewing this nonsense – not only are my suspicions confirmed; you’re in far more trouble than I feared. By all appearances the University of Houston gave Kyle Coplen the high five; keep patting these fools on the back and in no time at all it will be every man for himself.  All I ask is that I never have to read another American scratching his head and asking where it all went wrong.

6 thoughts on “Shotguns Just Blew My Mind

  1. We have a far greater problem in the United States with mental health than with guns. We have two full generations whose children were left to develope and mature with little or no parenting. To get those kids out of the way the “parents” set them in front of the TV then the movies where they absorbed the violence and depravity that the hollywood panderers and perverts spewed out.
    They were not taught repect, for themselves or anyone else, or accountability but were hard wired as children by the “if it feels good do it mentality”.

    • I hear what you’re saying and sense your frustration. To better explain my exasperation let me explain….

      I am a Canadian. Our children grew up the same way; both parents working, broken homes, after school programs or latch key kids going to an empty house after school because programs for them were too expensive. Our kids watched the same TV shows, played the same video games, and suffered from lack of parental guidance and structure as Mom and Dad were just too tired at the end of the day.

      Guns are not allowed in Canada except for hunting. We didn’t even arm our border guards until a few years ago, We have our problems, and gun violence does take place.That said – our gun problems are minuscule compared to America because Canadians aren’t armed.

      To hand out more weapons in order to study their impact on crime strikes this Canadian as preposterous.The true test would be to study the impact of all weapons being removed from an area. Our cultures are worlds apart on this issue, and I don’t expect the two will ever meet.

      I simply pondered armed citizens from my perspective above the 49th parallel.

      • From your perspective I understand what you’re saying and for what it’s worth I think that nut job in Houston should do some serious jail time for disorderly conduct at least. Our problems here are many and varied and when our country was founded I think the framers at that time assumed a population of people with some integrity and a commonality of purpose and those traits are fading fast but this not the place for me to waste your blog space with all of that. But as far as the gun issue goes I know and know of millions of people who own guns responsibly and lawfully. I also understand that something needs to be done but I maintain it’s not the guns fault when some coward walks into a place and starts spraying bullets at unarmed non-combatants anymore than the airplane was at fault when those insanely cowardly acts were committed on 9/11.
        The people of the United States have felt like they have been under attack by someone or something (like now when it’s our own government) for the past 237 years. I had a friend who was a ranking member of the police department in Dallas many years ago who said that even if he was a not a police officer he would never leave the house withoiut a weapon.
        I’ll sign off here I’m starting to ramble…again.

      • Keep rambling. I find it so interesting and respect your point of view.

        Canada and America have huge fundamental differences.American gun culture is woven into the fabric of society, nothing will ever change that.America has no concept of life without guns.

        I live in Vancouver, we have gangs; they shoot at each other – end of story. I feel absolutely safe leaving my house.There isn’t an area of the city I wouldn’t walk in.

      • Canada and the United States have their differences for sure, but as for me and an overwhelming majority of Americans, Canada has always been good neighbor. When I was in the service my squadron conducted some operations in conjuction with Canadian Navy ASW aircrews and I found them to be intelligent, hard working, capable and with a gift for the consumption of large amounts of bar room beer. Good times. Excuse me I seemed to have drifted off point.
        I’m glad you feel safe in Vancouver and I hope that never changes. I worked for many years in some rough areas that I would not go back into today without a SWAT team backup.
        Many in the US feel that over the past 40 years a lot of our rights guaranteed in our Constitution have been eroded away due to crooked courts, lawyers, politicians and the pac’s that fund them.
        This present administration and president is particularly frightening
        and I was shocked that he was re-elected. If, indeed, he really was.

        I enjoy your writing and hope we can continue to exchange ideas and opinions.

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