Family Protection Ordinance

I’ve spent the last few hours telling myself to leave it alone. Previous attempts to bark up this tree have left me irritable and cranky.  I’m smart enough to realize another round is futile; yet can’t help pondering the tiny town of Nelson, Georgia.

A short drive from Atlanta, this Georgia community isn’t exactly crime ridden. With 1,300 residents the one police officer deals with occasional petty theft. Nonetheless they passed a town ordinance making it mandatory for every home owner to have a gun. The Family Protection Ordinance states each head of household must own a gun and ammunition to “provide for the emergency management of the city” and “provide for and protect, the safety, security, and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants”.

Quick to point out exclusions, including convicted felons, physically or mentally disabled persons, or those who object to gun ownership – the town makes it clear they have no plans to enforce the ordinance. They go one record as stating they want to make a statement; not only to send a message to would be criminals, but to take a stand against expected federal gun restrictions.

Attempting to reason with American gun culture will only lead to this Canadian girl suffering from another headache; but may I please be allowed to say – holy crap.

Nelson, Georgia – from ABC news

11 thoughts on “Family Protection Ordinance

  1. It is entirely impossible for me to even imagine this scenario as real. We protect our properties with an insurance policy. If someone enters my home, I will give him my wallet. Weakness as strength, non-resistance as defense. The thought of adding guns to that formula makes me shiver. So much for evolution.

  2. I’m with you on this. The responses/reactions coming out of certain pockets of America are literally insane. They’ve crossed the Rubicon and cannot distinguish reality from fantasy.

  3. I could possibly understand if I lived in Nelson, Georgia and watched the news segment each morning that reported a family had been beaten, raped, tortured or killed by a home invasion in places like neighboring Atlanta. Often times the crime is conducted by criminals who had been previously, many times, tried and convicted of other violence. The prime motivation of these thugs is not money but the violence they can inflict.
    If you live in a place where you feel secure then your are truly blessed.

  4. In the 1980’s I had a job as a warranty administrator. After a face-to-face meeting with a customer who’s $10,000 bill would not be paid because of the owners neglect I had a meeting with the owner of the servicing facility.

    He said to me at the time, “Peter… do you wanna know your biggest problem? “ I wasn’t sure I did, but he continued without waiting for an answer, “You know your own story too well.” That was his way of telling me that I had lost compassion and humanity — that before someone else had opened their mouth I had already decided what I could or would do. And he was right. I didn’t make the rules — I only administered them.

    I never forgot that little comment. I’ve learned to listen a lot better than I did back then, but I also realize even more keenly that just because someone wants you to do something that doesn’t mean it’s possible.

    I really think that the Pro-Gun faction in the U.S. is in the same boat. THEY KNOW THEIR OWN STORY TOO WELL. They are unable to respond in any form of dialogue because they don’t want there to be dialogue at all. They want their game played by their rules in their court and they sit down and pout and cry when anyone asks them to listen to anything contrary.

    In some ways it’s like an cornered animal, or an old person who has had enough of change and can’t stand go give up something else that has been precious to them their entire life. Social change is difficult, but as a U.S. citizen who is constantly disappointed by my own countries haste to wage war on smaller nations the gun lobby is merely one manifestation of a national fever over violence. We can show dozens of murders on TV each night — but we daren’t show a single female breast or male penis. We abhor sex and we glorify violence — this is a systemic problem not a rational one.

    A retired photographer looks at life
    Life Unscripted on WordPress

    • Wiser words were never spoken. You hit the nail on the head, and thank you for new perspective. I’ve tried to put my finger on what it is about American gun advocates that makes me lose my mind. You’ve managed to define it – they know their story too well.

      As a Canadian there is no frame of reference in understanding how a gun makes one safer. My kids watched the same television, play the same video games, and face many of the same issues. They practiced earthquake drills in school, not emergency lock-downs. We have gangs, crime, and drugs yet I wouldn’t hesitate to walk any neighborhood in the city.

      I find relief in knowing that there are Americans like you who still have a mind of their own 🙂

  5. they say they have to do that cos then Burglars will know that and will go back when they reach this city LOL.
    yeah yeah Its craxy thats all i want to say abt this
    Weapons dont belong in houses. My opinion.
    enjoy the weekend

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