Kid Creole – Or Why The 80’s Were So Wonderful

As incredible as it seems, there are things I miss about the 80s. This video says more than I ever could.

5 thoughts on “Kid Creole – Or Why The 80’s Were So Wonderful

  1. Thanks Notes – I’m still swinging! Somewhere in the 80’s I went to a concert of the Kid and his Coconuts at the United Nations in Geneva. The concert was held in their big meeting room. This is where heads of state and their delegates normally meet to draw up plans for a new world.

    The audience was a mix of boring and elderly diplomats and their younger staff. We were all seated behind fixed desks, like a lecture theater. The younger staff, women mostly, had brought along their boyfriends and their friends and we all promised to behave. Not!

    As the kid started his back flips and the coconuts started swinging their ehh, coconuts, we went wild. There we were, climbing on desks and we danced our hearts out. The older diplomats went bananas and demanded that we got down and show respect to the room! Sorry, this is the Kid. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

    We danced in the aisles until the floor gave way and we were dancing 20 centimeters lower. Security could do nothing – we were having FUN.

    At the end of the concert as the distinguished audience filed out, we stayed put and watched a stream of dignitaries trip and briefly lose their dignity as they stepped into a new hole in their holy meeting room.

    Kid Creole, let me thank you belatedly for the best concert ever! And give my love to the girls and the band.

    • I saw their show at the world’s fair – Expo 86, in Vancouver.Crazy good concert! I tip my hat to you though 🙂 What an incredible story – as in holy crap, rub your eyes, and ask if you fell down a rabbit hole. I’m jealous.

  2. Awful choreography but I always liked the neo forties zoot suits. “Don’t take my coconuts” was his best. One of my favourite groups from this period was Dr. Buzzard and his original Savannah Band.

    • So true. I could write forever on 80s shenanigans. Think I’ll change the title of my post from weird to wonderful.Absolutely loved seeing Kid Creole live, one of the best shows ever. I mean look at those Coconuts! The hair, clothes, suits, and production epitomize the 80s.

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