Vancouver Vaisakhi

Tomorrow brings Vancouver’s annual Vaisakhi parade. Vaisakhi celebrates the birth of Khalsa and the Sikh religion, as well as the start of harvest in the Punjab. A simplistic description if ever there was one, I’m no expert on the Sikh faith. I do appreciate a good festival though, and this one is a keeper.


We stumbled upon this annual festival a few years ago; it remains on our must do list ever since. Vancouver puts the “multi” in “cultural”, almost half the residents don’t have English as a first language. At Vaisakhi, a smile is the common language. I can’t quite put my finger on it but for some reason Vaisakhi is able to celebrate a deeply religious, significant observance in a welcoming, positive way.  Nothing is for sale – home after home along the parade route sets out tables offering everything from chai tea and pakoras to curries and sweets. With tireless smiles upwards of 100,000 people are treated with the same respect.

Dance as Bhangra music pulls you to a stage, marvel while flowers fall from airplanes, soak up the history and ceremony as the parade passes by. Ponder an afternoon where no matter who you are, you’re welcomed – no strings attached.

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