My Sentiment Exactly

Take a minute, or 3 to be precise; watch this short video clip. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Religion and science knock heads over the facts, yet one truth is irrefutable – there are 118 known elements on the periodic table. Interaction, violent collisions, explosive cosmic forces, a generous helping of luck have fashioned them into every atom and molecule in the universe – from the iron in our blood to artificial strawberry flavouring on our pop tarts – all derived from those elements. Life on our planet exists for no reason other than a remarkable string of improbable fortune. Even those who argue “god” had good reason to give us the strawberry pop tart, should take a three minute break to watch and ponder our astounding universe.

A link to the periodic table….

The video clip to ponder….

This evocative image shows a dark cloud where new stars are forming along with a cluster of brilliant stars that have already emerged from their dusty stellar nursery. Credit: Credit: ESO/F. Comeron

6 thoughts on “My Sentiment Exactly

  1. Hear, hear. Isn’t amazing that people want to find their God and look him in the face when their true creator is all of that gorgeous cosmos? I wouldn’t be called Genetic Fractals if I didn’t believe that all of this started with an extraordinarily simple blip that became a fractal of causality that led to all this. But it hasn’t stopped yet. What’s going on in some far-out black hole or even a white hole(!), is arguably far more important than the fact that earth branched off some life. I’m with Alan Watts who believes planets ‘people’ as trees ‘apple’.
    Thanks for the beautiful vid and the reminder. You have made my day!

  2. Like many kids in school I learned about our solar system, the Milky Way and the Universe and it was all very interesting stuff but I couldn’t really see how this knowledge really affected me at all. When I got into my late twenties and was a bit more curious…and now a teacher…I wanted to understand the real relationship between these systems and started inspecting them a bit more closely…only to discover that I never really fully understood what I had been taught…a small insignificance of the vastness called the Universe. When I wrapped my head around the fact that there were over 170 billion galaxies in the “observable” universe and compared it to my education of our galaxy, I got my first glimpse of the vastness of this thing called the universe.

    It was quite an out of body experience. I too felt big, not small. It was comparable to a small child understanding that his universe is his house, and his family and as he gets a bit older he discovers, his city, state and country…then the planets in his galaxy…each one opening his eyes to being part of a greater universe than he had previously been aware of. When I thought of 170 billion more galaxies out there, I realized I was part of something very, very big. As a teacher, I wanted to make sure that my students understood what I failed to understand as a child and that is the concept of the infinite quality of the universe. As technology has improve, so has understanding…my students were able to see an alignment of four planets and the moon from their very own back yard. Even as an adult, I was awed at looking at Saturn’s rings, not as a picture but as a reality. And then after inspecting parts of our own galaxy, reminding myself that there were 170 BILLION more out there!

    Since then, I have not been worried about the future so much. Though, we as inhabitants of this planet are hell bent on destroying this one as fast as we can…there is still life in the universe, we will not perish. I only hope that some of the knowledge we have gained from our experience here on Earth will give us some foresight on better abilities to preserve future life supporting planets that we choose to inhabit and act in a sustainable manner.

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