Justin Bieber and Foot Fetishes

I started this blog almost a year ago; closing in on 300 posts my mind is blown over which ones rose to the top. The term “blown” is perhaps a tad dramatic – lets say I’m amused and slightly annoyed by my top posts by views. After a year of pondering one thing is certain; there are a lot of Justin Bieber fans, and foot fetishes are definitely out of the closet. A ridiculous number of people had to learn if all Vikings had blue eyes, and how much the tongue of a blue whale weighed. The discovery of a planet made of diamonds, the planetary alignment over Giza, and Ann Coulter making me nuts settled in below that.

“Pondering Stephen Harper” wasn’t about Bieber; I made reference to Bieber innocently enough in the last paragraph. Harper ditched a meeting with provincial premiers to shake hands with the Biebs. After my About/home pages this is my top post. The search terms Stephen Harper (misspelled as Steven 95% of the time) and Justin Bieber led to the bat shit crazy number of hits.


Then “Feet” – search terms like “dirty feet on children” , “curled toes on feet”, “bare feet in bed” – it was a post about how much I hated my feet as a child because they were wide. I wrote about reaching a place where I stopped burying them in the sand; how feet told a story – once you accepted perceived flaws – beauty could be found in unexpected places. Nope. That post sits at the top because multitudes wanted to look at bare feet.


At a loss to explain blue eyed vikings or a blue whale tongue weighing as much as an elephant – 55 Cancrie E; a planet made of diamonds makes a little sense. It’s made of diamonds! “Help – Ann Coulter Exploded my Mind” makes me feel a lot better – at least it’s a post expressing my opinion, and arrived at honestly.


My first post rests comfortably in the middle. In 1804 Thomas Jefferson publicly announced seeing a UFO…


Tomorrow I’ll ponder my favorite posts.

Justin Bieber and Stephen Harper Friday

13 thoughts on “Justin Bieber and Foot Fetishes

  1. I love your analysis and it illustrates why I am not a professional writer (anymore): What is popular is not necessarily good and in many cases not what we (writers) are interested in. When you are a pro you have to write what the populace demands or starve and perhaps be posthumously famous. But when you are an unpaid amateur you can write and rant to your heart’s content and unless you are a ‘like’ junkie, not give a wonking hoot about whether there is a single person that actually cares. Well, one perhaps. At least. Enjoy Ponder 🙂

    • When I started notestoponder (actually a Mother’s Day present from my daughter, who set it up for me) it wasn’t a place for me to “write”, rather an avenue to put down in words all the thoughts rattling around in my head. Most days I post, sometimes I write. Sometimes I rant, ramble, or make no sense at all – but you’re right – I speak my mind, and am not apologetic or guarded. This is who I am – take it or leave it.

      That said – a thousand hits in a few hours just because a post contained the words Justin Bieber made me extremely grumpy. For a while, before the light went off, I actually thought my pining for Canada struck a chord. Holy crap!

      Without question the best thing about it all is stumbling upon interesting people. 🙂

    • I discussed with another blogger (WriterUnboxed) about writing for the market. Who makes the market and when is it decided that it’s well saturated with one genre, and ready for a change?
      If you enjoy writing, keep at it. I believe a good story will sell irregardless of what the market is ‘demanding’. Vampires have finally lost their appeal, but they never had much appeal to me in the first place. How many books, most of them probably bad, were written to capture that corner when it was hot? I think fantasy does still hold sway because people are tired of reality and want an escape.

      • Thanks – yes, agree with you and WriterUnboxed. But when you are contracted by an editor you don’t have the choice: you have to write what they consider to be the right subject (unless you are a known star). All the more reason to stay independent and write what your heart dictates. I absolutely agree that this is the right thing to do. If it is good, it will find its way to success. Keep writing!

  2. WoW! Can I ever commiserate on this one! I have always known my taste and point of view are uncommon and it’s never really bothered me — I guess I’m mostly just an arrogant self-satisfied codger. And I never started blogging for public approval. In the days of snail mail and real correspondence I published a small Christian journal and conducted at least a dozen long term correspondences — I got to the point that writing was as much a part of how I process my life as anything else. So, I write — or journal, or blog or whatever….

    But It’s curious the things the “public” find interesting. I wrote on entry a long while ago in which I referenced green table lamps, green accountant’s visors and SLEEVE GARTERS — and I consistently find that “Sleeve Garters” are the most common people end up at my blog.

    Go figure!

    My old business site has some of my humanscapes on it — and as is the way with the Internet some of them — tasteful though they may be — are hugely popular. And the images I MOST love no one else seems to care about.

    Go figure!

    Anyway…. I feel your pain.

    A retired photographer looks at life
    Peter Pazucha dot Com
    Life Unscripted on WordPress

    • It’s truly incredible how people land at our blog posts. I sulked for a full day after Bieber burst my naive bubble. Even writing a post – Out of My Life Justin Bieber. ( though secretly my view hungry ego was pleased with how it padded my stats) The “Feet” thing just pisses me off.

      One thing for certain – I too have reached a place in my life where I process my thoughts by writing. Can’t think of any better way to unwind. 🙂

      • It sure beats alcohol and drugs! No hangover!

        It beats therapy too! In the 80’s I had a job as a warrantee administrator for a company that was having huge technical issues — and every day was hell. My wife and I started dining out in place of therapy. We’d go to restaurants in town that we’d never think we could afford but we wrote it off as medical expenses (NOT on our taxes) and we’d sit and eat and talk over the problems at work for 2-3 hours — leaving an appropriately huge tip for “renting” their table for that time, but it got me through two horrible years. Needless to say I’m not a fan of psycho-therapy…..

  3. I was going to skip this one, because it had Bieber in it,,,dressed like a slacker. But then I saw your dismay and thought I’d add my hear hear and sentiments to the tasteless dribble that attracts the vultures.

  4. I began writing this blog looking for admirers…found few…then after a year and a half…I just wrote from my heart…and my blog took off…When this happened, I got the “writer’s high”–(do not know if there is such a thing)—but now I find I am just writing to release my feelings…and sometimes I feel I may write too much of who I am and I am putting it out into the world–to the universe—today, I am very sad and I think I should not write about that…it may bring others down…and then I think maybe it will help someone to know that others get sad too. Like you, I do not understand WHY people “like” some of the posts that I write when I think other posts are so much better! Sometimes I wonder if hitting the “like button” is just an automatic reflex when visiting a blog. In any case, I do enjoy your blog because you seem very honest in what you are writing–it seems to me that you are being true to who you are at the moment that you write. Thank you for sharing your thoughts…your life with me!

    • My blog was actually a Mother’s Day gift last year from my daughter. She set everything up, saying I needed an outlet for all that rattled around in my head. At first I only posted about ancient history, the universe, and odd things I found interesting. The post I sent you the link for – Regret – was the first time I exposed myself. It was hard to hit “publish” yet liberating at the same time. Now when I sit down to post I never really know what is going to come out.I write what I feel, from the heart, and without apology or pretence (or so I hope)This blog is who I am. People who have known me for years read it and tell me I make sense to them now.

      I’ll stop doing this to you – I promise. I keep sending you links to my posts, that said – probably my favourite and most personal post…



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