Regret Large Tomahawk Vanity in Leningrad

Tonight I ponder my favorite posts. Impossible to explain why – they just are. “Regret” is not well written, but is the first time I hit “publish” on personal thoughts. My intention was to nudge the reader, as there is a message in it that we can all relate to.

“Worlds Largest Tomahawk” – nothing more than a couple hundred words; reminding me of a perfect day driving across Canada.

“Vanity” hit me on the head one night after a glass or two of wine; extremely pleased with myself for writing such a clever observation.

“Leningrad Symphony” represents a holy crap moment – I knew nothing of the siege of Leningrad; a testament to the human spirit.

As with any proud mother, I could list favorite after favorite – my blog year, close to a first anniversary has taught me volumes about myself, and opened my eyes on the world. A hearty thank you to those who liked or followed me along the way.

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