Pondering the Obvious

Often I find myself pondering something so obvious I hesitate to put it in words. Second guessing myself until finally I crack and the obvious flows. This thought has rattled around my head for the last few days; it goes without saying, but I had never looked at it this way.My reluctance to verbalize the obvious is obvious.

A few days ago while reading posts on a reddit site obvious struck.The discussion centred on existence of “god”, back and forth, good points, bad points, my points. Obvious found me striking down the “righteous’ left, right, and centre. Poor obvious; standing right in front of me and I din’t even see it. Obvious is tricky that way – when finally it becomes clear – obvious pulls out all the stops leaving a lasting impression. Obvious is unbiased, reasonable, and without question awarded the last word.

Obvious explained religious debate was a game of Tic Tac Toe, there are no winners. Opinion, debate, discussion – entertaining, thought provoking, but futile. My opinions could no more sway religious fundamentalists from their path than theirs could convince me of a sentient being running the show.

Obvious made a suggestion – why don’t we agree to disagree and get on with it. What could be more obvious than religious fundamentalists keeping opinions to themselves. Obviously religion, faith, spirituality are personal, therefore completely inappropriate when used as political or ethical platforms. Obviously everyone thinks they’re right so the game isn’t much fun.

Pondering obvious may be silly – all the same, stating the obvious often speaks more than quibbling over whose turn it is or why we should get to go first. It’s obvious to me – believe whatever makes you happy; just keep your opinion to yourself.

3 thoughts on “Pondering the Obvious

  1. If fundamentalists just left everyone alone and stopped their evangelicalism and meddling then no reasonable person would find the need to call bullshit on their wacky beliefs. That’s my obvious 🙂

    Great post.

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